Special occasion

You were fall in love few years ago and now, you would like to show to your girl that you really love her and you want rename her? If you are sure that you need this important step in life, we would like to help you, because we are professional experts in Prague proposal. We can help you with everything, but there is one task that is only for you – chose ring. Only you can choose the best jewel for her, because only you know her and you know what she loves. Then we will communicate with you and we make a plan together and then we will realize it. Do you want anything luxury or you want be on your favourite place? It is on you, because you and your girl must feel great in your big day.

Luxury place

We offer luxury places, like gardens under Prague Castle with great view, or you can stay in luxury chateau, where she will feel like princess. But it is not all, there is also possibility to choose any place not only in Prague and we can decorate it for you, prepare great menu for your dinner or also for breakfast, if you stay overnight. Everything must be along your plan!an!